RUE DE RENNES - Paris (France)


The building located 135-139 Rue de Rennes is comprised of two medium-sized stores whose architecture has a particularly well-defined style. The aim was to integrate the commercial building into the urban fabric of Rue de Rennes, by combining the spirit of the late 19th century Parisian department stores, the use of resolutely modern materials and the modern design of the architectural elements comprising the facade.

In co-development with UCABAIL (subsidiary of the Crédit Lyonnais Group)

More information

  • Location : 135-139, Rue de Rennes, Paris (F)
  • Area : 3000m2
  • Architect(s) : Olivier Timon
  • Investor(s) : Prudential Property
  • Tenant(s) : H&M and Etam