ZENITH BUILDING - Brussels (Belgium)


The Zenith Building is a 23-floor office block offering 30,000 m² of office space at the heart of the ‘Gaucheret’ zone of regional interest. With its elegant and innovative architecture, it brings the perspective of Boulevard du Roi Albert II to a harmonious culmination point, ensuring the transition between the business quarter and residential area of the Gaucheret district.
For the design of this building, located at a strategic and visible point in the centre of Brussels, Codic called upon the architects Michel Macary and Luc Delamain (SCAU-Paris) in collaboration with José Vandevoorde (CERAU-Brussels). The idea was to design a building as an ‘objet d’art’ for the city with volume at the core of the thought process, while focusing on the building’s performance and high environmental quality.

More information

  • Location : Boulevard du Roi Albert II, Brussels (B)
  • Area : 30000m2
  • Floors : 23
  • Architect(s) : SCAU and CERAU
  • Delivered : 2009
  • Investor(s) : MEAG
  • Tenant(s) : Etnic, SNCB