ILOT SAINT-MICHEL - Liège (Belgium)


Area : 15,000 m² retail, 5,000 m² offices, 2,000 m² services and restaurants, 10,000 m² residential

The Ilot Saint-Michel project began for Codic in 1994 when the landowner, Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT), launched a call for tender for the private development of this part of Place Saint-Lambert, which had been abandoned as wasteland since the 1970s. This call for tender related to a real estate project with a multifunctional nature.

Among the various offers it received, the SRWT and the Walloon government selected Codic’s project which promised to take up the four following challenges: to give Ilot Saint-Michel a new lease of life; to create a convivial space integrating housing, offices and shops; to link the various neighbourhoods to the surrounding areas by creating a large pedestrian space; to restore the prestige of Place Saint-Lambert through quality architecture.

Instead of adopting a monolithic philosophy, Codic developed four different buildings, constructed around pedestrian areas, entrusted to four architects’ firms under the leadership of the coordinating architect Claude Strebelle.  The layout of the gardens and terraces was entrusted to the architect and landscapist Jean-Noël Capart, who created particularly convivial, leafy spaces in the city centre.

More information

  • Location : Place Saint-Lambert, Liège (B)
  • Area : 32000m2
  • Architect(s) : Coordinating : Claude Strebelle - Architects: Atelier du Sart-Tilman, Bruno Albert, Lemaire & Gérard, Bernard Herbecq - Architect Landscapist: JNC International
  • Delivered : 1999
  • Investor(s) : ING Real Estate
  • Tenant(s) : Shops: Delhaize, Hennes & Mauritz, Go Sport, We, Ici Paris XL, etc. - Offices: Ministry of Justice