WHITE PARC - Villennes-Orgeval (France)


White Parc is a shopping centre based along the A13 motorway, at the very heart of the Orgeval retail park, which is already a well-established economic hub. It is spread over two blocks with approximately 100 metres of shop fronts that are perfectly visible from the RN13. This attractively landscaped shopping centre offers shops a resolutely contemporary showcase and customers a completely unique shopping experience in the area. 

The centre’s design incorporates a wide variety of technologies that fall under the scope of sustainable development (solar panels, green roof, rainwater collection, etc.).

Pictures : Studios Architecture (Fernando Urquijo)

More information

  • Location : Villennes-Orgeval (F)
  • Area : 12000m2
  • Occupancy : 100%
  • Architect(s) : Studios Architecture
  • Delivered : 2014
  • Investor(s) : Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (Ex-RREEF)
  • Tenant(s) : Darty, Orchestra, Gautier, Carré Blanc, Cultura, Cuisinella, Gemo, Générale d'Optique, Univers du Sommeil
Occupancy rate: