Royal-Hamilius welcomes the "Bazar de la Croix-Rouge"
Published: 23/11/2020

This year, the traditional "BAZAR DE LA CROIX-ROUGE", which is a tradition and a real institution in Luxembourg, had to review its organization, due to Covid. This year, it is not taking place at Hall Victor Hugo like usually but the stands, which offer usually their specialties at Limpertsberg, this time support the Red Cross through special actions, of Pop-Up stores among others at Royal-Hamilius and other initiatives. All of the "BAZAR ON TOUR 2020" recipes are intended for children and young people particularly weakened by the current situation. The aid will aim to provide social and psychological support, academic success and the promotion of youth autonomy. They will be adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries and may, for example, contribute to the financing of studies or specific training or cover the costs of extraschool, cultural or sports activities.


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