A great FUN adventure dor the region !
Published: 15/10/2020

After the announcement of the arrival of 14 new brands in the shopping center B’Est at the end of the year, changes are made to the leisure area with a reopening of the leisure activities in the fall.

Since March 16th, the leisure complex has been closed. Difficult recovery conditions, numerous health restrictions and the losses caused by the confinement did not allow the operator to reopen the complex.

Leisure is at the heart of B’Est. This is why Codic decided to take over the operation. The recently created B’EST Loisirs company will carry the leisure activity to the B’EST site in Farébersviller in Moselle. The complex will reopen under the name B’FUN PARK next November.

A dynamic logo with pep's colors

"B" for B’Est, the leisure complex is an integral part of B’EST.

"FUN" to indicate we're going to have a good time there. The word is highlighted as a button on which you push to access the activities and to create a sense of movement.

"PARK" to become the benchmark for leisure in Moselle-Est.


A total resumption of leisure activities is operated:

INDOOR: all year round, bowling, Laser game, trampoline and Ninja Warrior, climbing, virtual reality, it is the largest indoor leisure complex in Moselle East with 55.000 m² of activities.

OUTDOOR: in summer, minigolf and the activities of the Parc Aventures (tree climbing).

Concerning employment, around ten positions are to be filled.

The complex will continue its development for professionals.

The large 800 m² mezzanine, as well as the 3 meeting rooms, are the ideal place for businesses in the region looking for a space for team building, seminars or events to celebrate.

The redevelopment of these spaces is planned to be more in line with the expectations of professionals.

A great FUN adventure for the region!


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