A very dynamic shoppin center
Published: 26/06/2020

B’EST is a unique shopping center, opened on 11 April 2018 at the crossroads of France and Germany. As a unifying trendsetter, the center welcomed 3.5 million customers in 2018 and 4 million in 2019 thanks to its outstanding launch.

In 2020, B’EST made a promising start, showing a very positive trend despite the impact of the Corona crisis which was felt by mid-February.

During the lockdown period, 80% of the shopping malls remained open, enabling food retailers to carry on their business and operating as solidary actors for the region. B’EST is part of these malls and celebrated its 2nd anniversary within this time.

All possible means have been taken by the B’EST staffs to welcome customers in optimal conditions. The implemented health protocol and communication strategy have immediately paid off in terms of attendance.


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