B'Est is open
Published: 12/05/2020

Since last march 16th, B’Est has enforced a number of strict sanitary rules which have allowed the customers to do their food shopping in the Auchan hypermarket during the lock-down period.

Today, on the very first day of loosening of the lock down measures in France, the management of the shopping centre has gone into action with the retailers and all of its subcontractors to prepare the re-opening of the centre in order to guarantee a fully secure shopping experience : hygienic gel at the entrance and exit of the mall, set up of a protocol for each store, social distancing, electronic payment, recommended face masks,…

A video has been circulated in order to reassure the customers and explain the prevention policy put in place. This video can be watched with the following link : https://we.tl/t-fXuR2VQoda 

A Facebook page has been set up on Saturday May 9th in order to answer to all customers’ questions and to contribute to the overall confidence build-up.   

During the entire lock-down period, B’est remained in contact with its customers.

Our teams were mobilised day and night in the Auchun hypermarket in order the ensure service and supply of merchandise, distribution of coffee, sweets and snacks to the customers queuing up at the entrance. The gesture of a massive distribution of Easter eggs to the personnel of the local hospitals of Marie Madeleine, Robert Pax and Saint Avold was very much appreciated

More than ever, B’Est has been an real dynamic actor and has invested in its region.







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