Royal-Hamilius : magical lights !

published: 09/12/2016

End of the excavation works of Royal-Hamilius

published: 09/12/2016
The excavation works on the Royal-Hamilius construction site, called ‘Fond de fouille’, were achieved this week, in perfect timing!

Royal-Hamilius : laying of the first stone

published: 30/09/2016
It was a wonderful event.  Please download the news to discover it.

Royal Hamilius - Press conference

published: 26/01/2016
At a press conference that took place in Luxembourg on January 20, 2016, Lydie Polfer, the city's Mayor, officially announced the ingress of FNAC in the Luxembourg Royal-Hamilius...

Discover a 3D view of Royal-Hamilius

published: 11/01/2016
Download an app on your Smartphone or I-Pad to discover a 3D view of the Royal-Hamilius real estate project. The picture above shows the fences with the app’s download...