A princely visit

published: 24/11/2020
Visit of the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and the Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg with their son Prince Charles at the Bazaar of the Red Cross installed...

Royal-Hamilius welcomes the "Bazar de la Croix-Rouge"

published: 23/11/2020
This year, the traditional "BAZAR DE LA CROIX-ROUGE", which is a tradition and a real institution in Luxembourg, had to review its organization, due to Covid. This year,...

Network I has been completed

published: 28/10/2020
The “Network I” building has been completed and runs harmoniously along the boulevard. After “Résonance” and “Network I”, all attention is now turning to the...

The site of Native Building is progressing quickly

published: 28/10/2020
The "Native" building will provide 19,000 m² of office to its future tenant Orange. The architect is Bruno Willerval and the investor SCPI Elysées Pierre. The bottom...

The "StepUp" construction site has begun

published: 21/10/2020
Area : 4,500 sqm. Delivery : September 2021 Location : 22@