There's nothing new about the « Green » approach for Codic because the environment has always been part of our basic criteria. From now on, the certification of our buildings falls under the scope of the development of standards established on a European level that allow the objectivisation of sustainability among our customers.

BREEAM certification has the advantage of being recognised on an international level, of being a reference and of meeting the requirements of the investors and occupants of our buildings.

  • To systematically obtain BREEAM certification for all our buildings
  • To harmoniously integrate our projects with their environment
  • To offer optimum energy performance and ensure its control
  • To favour green spaces
  • To ensure accessibility to the site by public transport and soft mobility
  • To ensure water is properly managed
  • To reduce the carbon footprint
  • To carefully choose materials
  • To manage construction processes efficiently
  • To ensure the longevity of the developments