Vagheggi in the "Green Court Office" Building
Published: 26/02/2021

Founded in 1975, Vagheggi is an Italian benchmark for professional cosmetics, in particular in the field of phytocosmetics. The Vagheggi products have been present on the Hungarian market for over 15 years, while the only, to date, Vagheggi subsidiary of the Italian mother company was launched in Hungary in 2013. The company excels in producing premium skincare products by combining traditional natural cosmetics with the most advanced technology and research, providing beauticians, at the same time, with an extensive training program.

Alessandro Farina, Managing Director of Vagheggi Kft.: "I am honored to be in charge of Vagheggi in Hungary. In the past few years, together with my team, we have worked hard and passionately to create a strong nationwide dristribution network serving several hundreds of beauticians all around the country. Now our time has come to move from our existing location to Green Court Office, a new large high-end real estate project, to launch our future projects…. We have high expectations and a lot of new projects in the pipeline. We are glad that Codic shares the same vision and perspective.”

Christophe Boving, General Manager of Codic Hungary, specifies that right from the first meeting with Vagheggi, the views of both companies immediately coincided. He adds: “Our respective businesses are committed to constantly striving for excellence and pursuing sustainability. We both place the well-being of people at the center of concerns.”

A nice success story...


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