Villalobar by Codic : a top project
Published: 27/08/2020

The ‘Villalobar’ site, at the corner of avenue de Tervueren and avenue Marquis de Villalobar, near the Woluwe Park and the Mellaerts ponds, had as main building a cottage-style villa, built in 1936 by Architect Jean Hendrickx.

Over the years, several refurbishments were carried out, the most important (the Etex offices) in 1989. In that respect, the whole deviated far from the original architectural design.   

Today, CODIC’s ambition is to provide this iconic place with a new harmony, reviving its initial use: housing.

Looking forward, CODIC wishes to work on two main strands:

1. to revalue the architectural quality of the cottage part of the existing building

2. to add two new constructions in an entirely contemporary style, with sober and pure lines.

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