B’EST is open !
Published: 13/04/2018

The sun rises in the East !

On Wednesday 11th of April, the inauguration of B’EST in Farébersviller, Mosselle region, was held under a radiant sun whereafter it officially opened its doors to the public.

Report of this wonderful day:

At 11 AM, the inauguration started with a little video with the customers interviews. During the realization of this project,  their participation was very much appreciated, as was the commitment of its  various contributors  who were also represented in the video: the architect, the landscaper, the designer of the signage, the representatives of the brands Auchan, Fnac and Mc Donald’s, the snack bar, the AirTrix manager, the youth city counsel, … and of course the mayor who concluded the video describing B’EST as “FARE-midable”!

The tone was set!

Afterwards Thierry Behiels spoke for fourteen minutes, one minute for each year it took to realize this project… He described our rocky road towards success, the difficulties, the legal claims, the constraints we faced, but mostly the indefeasible support from the courageous mayor whose focus always stayed the economic conversion of the region after the shutdown of the city’s coalmines. Despite the difficulties, this long road also created opportunities since the project is now fully anchored in its environment. In the beginning merely as an idea, a promise, but later as a reality that more and more fits into its surrounding landscape, as an evidence.

After Thierry Behiels’ speech, the mayor surprised everyone by calling the latter, Christophe Sirot and Vincent Xolin on stage, giving them the Gold Medal of the City of Farébersviller and declaring them “Honorary Citizens”. He also praised his former Chief of Staff for his dynamic efforts during  this project.

After this rather emotional moment, it was time for the inauguration. The symbol of the Lorraine region is the alerion, an heraldic eagle. Three eagles are pictured in the Lorraine  shield, two in the one of the city of Farébersviller and one in the logo of B’EST. Since B’EST is fully anchored in the region, it was only logic that an eagle was also present during the opening ceremony. Flying over the public, it both surprised and amused. What a symbolism!

Afterwards, Didier Martin, Prefect of the Moselle Department, cut the inauguration ribbon in the presence of Jean-Luc Bohl, First Vice-President of the Great East Regional Counsel, Fernand Lormant, First Vice-President of the Moselle Department Counsel and the architects from SCAU.

At 12 AM, the doors were officially opened to the customers who arrived in great numbers. Very fast, they made the shopping center their own, visiting the various boutiques and the Auchan store.

In other words, it was the “B’EST” day!

To watch the video: https://youtu.be/oMWXmWEPvSs


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