Successful Bond Issue

published: 13/12/2013
Codic reports to have completed a successful bond placement involving the issue of a global amount of EUR 13.5 million. 1,358 bonds bearing interest of 7.25% per annum...

BREEAM Certification for the START building

published: 14/11/2013
The START building has received a BREEAM certification with a rating of "Very Good".

Newsletter nr 2 for White Parc

published: 21/10/2013
The architecture imagined by the Studios Architecture agency marks the beginning of a new commercial standard with a more virtuous concept, better integrated to its immediate...

The recourse is revoked !

published: 09/10/2013
In 2012, a recourse has been filed with the admnistrative court of Luxemburg by the joint owners of the building Boulevard Royal 49 against the PAP (Planning permision) of...

NISSAN West Europe has choosen the "Val Saint-Quentin"

published: 23/09/2013
NISSAN WEST EUROPE has decided to establish its new headquarters in the "Val Saint-Quentin" J building (3,000 m²).  A firm 6-year and 8-month contract was signed for the...