Trois Iles

Marta Pan


The Plateau de Kirchberg’s urban development fund couldn’t possibly conceive the development of Plateau du Kirchberg without urban art.  Since the 1980s, the fund has devoted significant financial aid to urban art. This support has also taken the form of permanent loans from sponsors, such as Codic for the ‘Trois Iles’ (Three Islands) that now adorn the lake in the central park.
Teaming up with her husband, the architect André Wogenscky, Marta Pan designed floating sculptures for the lake since the water level varies according to the season.  Besides the artistic aspect of the sculptures, a great deal of technical expertise was required to calculate the centre of gravity, stability and flotation of each piece.  
An exceptional artist with a career marked by decisive encounters (Brancusi, Le Corbusier, Wogenscky, Hammacher, etc.), Marta Pan (1923-2008) was influenced by architectural trends and contemporary art.  She always conceived her sculptures as the foundation stones for a site.  For her, sculpture was above all ‘archisculpture’.