Réflexion d’Art, Gens


Vincent Strebelle


Upon the request of Thierry Behiels, Vincent Strebelle created a sculpture especially for the business park. This original work illustrates his thoughts on the ‘business world’.
The latter is represented by a coin cut in two through the middle.  The two semi-circles are set at the same angle as a globe.  If you stand inside the space, you are reflected several times on the inside of the pieces depending on the angle chosen.  This reflection inspires a vision of a business park that is also a human concern. The title of the sculpture, ‘Réflexion d’Art, Gens’ not only refers to ‘art’ and ‘people’, but is also a play on the word 'argent' meaning money as well as silver.
Vincent Strebelle, a sculptor with a vivid imagination, deals with outward-looking themes which he approaches in a human and poetic manner.  He plays with words and links them with his sculptures.  Words give sense to sculpture and sculpture gives sense to words.
Vincent Strebelle was born in Uccle in 1946 and spent his youth in the Congo.  After studying graphic design and painting at the Académie des Beax-Arts in Liège, he went on to study sculpture at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. He has designed numerous original sculptures.