Fountain in Espace Nord

Pol Bury


A group of local companies, which Codic belonged to through the real estate company Boulevard Jacqmain, sponsored the installation of a fountain at the entrance to the Espace Nord business quarter in Brussels.
The 21 steel sentinels are the work of the artist Pol Bury, one of Belgium’s world-famous sculptors. Each cylinder is a 2 to 3-metre high fountain topped with a polished sphere which reflects and projects a curved image of the surrounding buildings.  A fine veil of running water completes the mechanism. The rounded lines of the fountains are animated by the swinging movements of the spheres, caused by the weight of the water.
Pol Bury, who was born in Haine-Saint-Pierre in 1922 and died in Paris in 2005, devoted himself to drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as writing, jewellery design and the construction of fountains. He is considered a major contemporary artist.

Prix Caïus Environnement in 1995