Conduites d’Eau

BELLE-ILE & Zénobe Gramme - Liège (B)

Vincent Strebelle


The site on which the Belle-Ile shopping centre now stands remained a piece of wasteland for a long time after the closure of the former water pipe factory in 1980.  This site was successfully reallocated in 1995 by Codic, who created a multifunctional complex with shops, services and green spaces.
Vincent Strebelle’s sculpture ‘Conduites d’Eau’ (Water Pipes) refers to the place’s industrial past and stands in the shopping centre. It rests on a tilted concrete slab, linking the ground floor to the first floor.  This fountain is comprised of a large staircase formed out of various tilted surfaces which reflect the light off the water.  In the middle of the water staircase, the entire length of a long steel pipe – 140 mm in diameter – is shaped into a series of curves leading to the upper basin.
Vincent Strebelle was born in Uccle in 1946 and spent his youth in the Congo.  After studying graphic design and painting at the Académie des Beax-Arts in Liège, he went on to study sculpture at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. He has designed numerous original sculptures.

Nominated for the Lanchelevici prize in 1997