Pavillon d’Octroi


The reason behind the sponsorship of the former ‘pavillons d’octroi’ at the Porte de Ninove, was to restore these buildings to their original state, with the aim of integrating them into contemporary life and making this restoration part of the more global regeneration of the public space in Brussels on the border of Molenbeek.
In terms of the history of architecture, these buildings are very fine – and rare – examples of utilitarian neoclassicism in Brussels. As regards economic history, these houses are unique existing examples of buildings constructed as customs houses to collect taxes on goods coming into and going out of Brussels.
The building in question currently houses the ‘Centre d’Information, de Documentation et d’Etude du Patrimoine’ whose mission is to collect, study and promote any documents and objects relating to architecture and town planning in Brussels.

Maison Autrique