ATLANTIS – Access, Bridge et Corner - Brussels (B)

Stéphane Guiran


For the Atlantis project, located at one of the entrances to Brussels, Thierry Behiels chose to work with the French artist Stéphane Guiran, a sculptor and poet born in Draguignan in 1968, who has always sculpted metal lines. Over the past few years, sculpture has led him to play with words.  For the artist, who considers himself a poet and a blacksmith, “Sculpting is equivalent to writing in 3-D”.   
Stéphane Guiran specially created a work for the Atlantis project.  It is the letter 'A': A for Atlantis, A as a sign marking the entrance into the town’s alphabet, the northern entrance to Brussels, which sees 65,000 commuters flowing in and out of the city every day.