Tondo per le Val Saint-Quentin

VAL SAINT-QUENTIN - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (F)

Mauro Staccioli


Codic specially commissioned a monumental work from Mauro Staccioli for Val Saint-Quentin. This internationally renowned Italian sculptor created a ‘sculpture/sign’ for Val Saint-Quentin.  Its circular shape marks and emphasises the site, inciting a multitude of thoughts among onlookers…   "Through this sign, the buildings, gardens, trees, pond, and so on, become itineraries, stories to be experienced in the imagination during our daily routine", he explains.
And he called this work 'Tondo per Le Val Saint-Quentin’ (Circle for Val Saint-Quentin).
It is Mauro Staccioli’s first monumental sculpture in France.
Mauro Staccioli was born in Volterra, Tuscany, in 1937.  He specialises in open-air monumental sculptures.