Bird Cage

LUXEMBOURG "K2" - Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)

Su-Mei Tse


‘Bird Cage’ was Su-Mei Tse’s first monumental sculpture (in collaboration with Jean-Lou Majerus).  Born in 1973, this talented artist lives and works in Luxembourg.  She became known to the public when she received a Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale in 2003.    
The sculpture is the fruit of a genuine exchange between Codic, the architects and the artist.   A stylised birdcage was specially designed for the K2 gardens in Luxembourg, harmoniously integrating with the architecture of the buildings and the environment.  The whiteness of this polycarbonate object’s neon light heightens its delicate nature.  Its wide open door invites us in and sparks our imagination.     
A poetic work in the daytime and magical at night.