Folded Circle Ring

ESPACE KENNEDY - Luxembourg-Kirchberg (L)

Fletcher Benton


‘Folded Circle Ring’ adorns the inner courtyard of Espace Kennedy in Luxembourg.  The sculpture is part of the ‘Folded Circle’ series of sculptures, which the American artist Fletcher Benton began in the 1970s. ‘Folded Circle’ is itself part of the series designed by the sculptor alongside ‘Steel Watercolors’, ‘One-Legged Tables’, etc.
Born in the United States in 1931, Fletcher Benton's sculptures have a geometric form.  "This is probably due to my interest in the alphabet.  (…) Nearly all of geometry is condensed in the letters of the alphabet.  (…) My sculptures are made from circles, squares, zigzags and curves.  So I could say they result from the alphabet."*

*Extract from an interview with Fletcher Benton in 1996 by Peter Selz